The owner graduated with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Criminal Justice from the University of Central Oklahoma. This led to a career in law enforcement as a peace officer. Protection 4 the Stars founder has 12 years of law enforcement experience which resulted in being a highly decorated officer with numerous citations and commendation awards. The owner possesses and has acquired valuable training for interrogation, negotiation, and investigative procedures. I have experience in surveying human behavior that preludes suspicious activities. This alludes to special self defense training and techniques provided by, dedicated black belt masters, needed to detain melees and other physical confrontations expeditiously. Mastered executive protection/driving training and high levels of risk management. Our company uses neo electronic devices and training with protected jargon that is needed for total compliance to the concentric rings of protection. The “Protection 4 the Stars” protection company involves more plain clothed survival and a more personal protection techniques.

We plan to undergo better public relations with our clients for my private company. We need a “protection strategy” for proceeding systematically with our clients on a more personalized forum. We feel it is necessary even if our assignments do not specifically require a primary background check for a particular event. If possible, it is a good idea to talk to the experts (us) in this field.

We will outline a plan that suites your needs. Investigation other background sources from our clients will provide more seasoning to help us focus on your protection. Using suggestions that we outline prior will cast a wider net of protection services for our clients (you). We can always refine and revise our focus based on any situation. We feel it’s important to talk to the person and get his or her views on attaining a more focused course of action.